General Questions

Availing coupons from Coupon Shutter is very easy. All you have to do is click on the “Show Code” strip against the discount offer you want to avail and your code will become visible. Copy this particular code and paste it in the provided box during checkout with the store you are shopping at. There, saving money is that easy!

code. For these deals, we have provided direct link to the sales pages in the strip against the offer.

You can use our Comprehensive Search to find a specific coupon or different coupons of some specific store or brand. You can also open the categories list and find the store or stores you are looking for from there. We currently have promotional deals and coupons available of 100+ stores and brands.

If you clicked a coupon bearing “Click to Redeem” it means there is no specific “code” for that promotion and the offer can be availed without the need of a promotional code. In such a case, as soon as you click on the box, the promotion gets automatically implemented and you are redirected to the sales page.

We are very sorry to know that you are being bothered by the promotional deals’ news we have been sending you. Don’t worry and just click here to unsubscribe.

Coupon Shutter is a totally free service! We believe in providing our customers with the best discounts and promotional deals available in the market so that they can shop at ease, however, we do not charge for it. Enjoy a free and hassle-free, efficient portal!

Managing My Account

This feature is under development and will be ready soon facilitating our customers to shop easier and inaccordance with their interests.